There are 4 different endings, and 7 custom analysis run downs to be found!

Controls. WASD move, LMB shoot, pickup prisoners- touch them.

There is no winning or losing; just different forms of pain. You play as a prison guard after a riot, you can either help prisoners escape or hunt them down and kill them. Both will bring different painful consequences.

Design Goals and Intentions

When forming the idea I wanted to make sure that there was absolutely no winning. That meant no definite ending objective and no completing tasks and get rewards aka winning. What I ended up with was almost a sandbox where every bit of "finishing your own objective" you do has an extreme negative consequence. While choosing to save prisoners gains you extra vision, ultimately being able to find more prisoners will be your downfall. The different endings are neither losses or victories. The game is therefore about managing the negativity for as long as you can. Enjoy!

Extra Credits

Writer Fin W:

Known issue: audio script may not destroy on repeat playthroughs so there may be overlapping music, if this happens, reload the game

AuthorOrange Flag
Made withUnity

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